GUIDO MATTA 1953 - Cagliari

Architect  ation

During his path at Venice University of Architecture he studied architectural composition with Carlo Scarpa and he graduate on 1977 with professor Valeriano Pastor.


Works and experience

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1978 – 1985

Work with Giandomenico Cocco to engineer industrial prefabricate system for Zanussi Praha system and Stendal.

1982 – 1985

Reconstruction plan for courtyard buildings of Barra San Giovanni district in Quarto Pozzuoli, Naples.

Studio 5/82

Restoration of Villa Marcello, Villa Schioppo, Villa Tiepolo.

International Tobacco Agency office block.

Crescente show room, Treviso.

Office headquarters of Maletti Gruop, Scandiano.

International competition for Odessa Container port  “Le grand trou”, Paris.

1985  International competition  “La cosa inventata”, Seibu.

Design of lamps and blown glass object for Ve-Art and Auras.

1992  Aveda Europa interiors for Aveda Co. USA.

Prototypes of Harvey Nichols in London, Coin Milan, Rome, Florence and Bologna.

Aveda Institute’s headquarters, Milan.

1996 Application of new materials on industrial products with Royal Medica spa. Product line “informatutto”.

L’Oréal headquarters, Turin and Rome.

Coppola salon, Rinascente piazza Duomo, Milan.

Concept and design of Kerastase Paris salons in Beirut, Melbourne, Tel Aviv, Los Angeles.

2004 Won idea competition for a furniture line for Regis Corp, Minneapolis.

Design idustrial products for Pallucco Italia, maletti Group, L’Oréal Paris, I.O. Inventing and Magis.

2003 – 2006

Restoration of Cò Sisters building with coiffure centre, spa and private residence, Brescia.

2006 – 2007

L’Oréal academies in Milano, Madrid, Amsterdam, Berlino, Francoforte and Geneva.

Studio Matta&Partners


Aveda Institute, Milan

Design of Beautike brand for Giuseppe D’Elia and Donatella Pogg.

Salon Belle Femme, Kerastase-Keraskin for L’Oréal Emirates Middle east, Dubai.

Ruza’s salon and spa, Zagreb, Croatia.

L’Oréal Cosmoprof pavillion, Bologna.

Coiffure centre Burjj Dubai for L’Oréal Emirates – Redken Fifht Avenue.

Won the restricted competition for the new Abu-Dhabi International airport hall.

2009 - 2010

Media tower for Red Cross Italy, Milan and Rome.

First L’Oréal green academy, Madrid .

Furniture Concept lines for L’Oréal Group “Style minute lab”, “Sport Grooming bar” and “La Mondiale Beautè”, exhibition in Paris.

2010 – 2011

Design of L’Oréal Academy in Hamburg, Bruxelles and Oporto.

Collaboration for the design of L’Oréal academy in Dusseldorf and Moscow.

Joe Raad coiffure salon, Beirut – Ammam, Dubai.


Concept an pavillion Essie Nail for Cosmoprof 2012.

2013 – 2014

L’Oréal academy in Zurich and Wien.

New concept salon for L’Oréal Italia “Salon Emotion Digital 2.0” – Flagship store Moha and Emporio parrucchieri, Milan.

Mona Almeer salon, Doha.

Restoration of Al Sharbatly palace, Jeddah.

MIMA Restaurant and disco club, Marrakech.


Villa restoration for Fahad Almeer - luxury show room and offices, Doha.

Design of L’Oréal academy Copenhagen.

Project for L’Oréal academy in Lisbona, Jhoannesbourg and London.

Competition for FCA pavillion at EXPO 2015, Milan.

Salon and spa for Baldestein coiffeur in the Majestic Hotel, Rome.

New furnitures line for L’Oréal Italia and for Maletti Group (academies line).

Renovation of restaurant “I Golosi”, Paris.

Design of L’Oréal salons in Bari, Taranto, Potenza.

Competition “Samsung open house” and “Samsung shop displays”.


Renovation of L’Oreal Amsterdam Academy.

Design for Myriam K salon and offices, Paris.

New consept salon and furniture line for Compagnia della Bellezza.

Flagship salons for Compagnia della Bellezza: Nadia Ceccarelli – Roma, Antonio Cofone – Cosenza, Patrizia   Piscitello – Civitavecchia, Fabio Stassi - Palermo.

Project for new L’Oréal academy concept retail space, Milan.

Project for luxury villas in Marrakech for Saphir.

Project of Hellas L’Oréal academy renovation, Athens.


L’Oréal Professionnel pavillion at Cosmoprof, Bologna.

Design for Tempesta salon Compagnia della Bellezza, Latina.

New concept for Salon Emotion O2 salon – L’Oréal Paris.