collaboration with Arch.  Roberto Varaschin

TechnoGel, a perfect example of the hybrid condition of matter, suspended between a liquid and a solid state seems to adopt both the characteristics.

This polyurethane gel, patented by Bayer, and created under exlusive worldwide license by Royal Medica s.r.l; has mechanical and elastic qualities that make it an ideal upholstering material. The absence of plasticizers eliminates the danger of internal migrations, wich have in the past been responsible for the adulteration of materaial and for a decrease in its properties.

This gel has a notable capacity to absorb and distribute weight, thereby reucing local compression peaks on the body. The low thermal conductividy reduces overheating at points in contact with the human body; which is also an advantage to blood circulation and in the prevention of sores among people forced to spend many hours sitting. Further, once heated or cooled, it returns slowly to its initial condition.

Our studio concerned itself with developing new applications for gel in industry. The properties and characteristics of this Bayer pantent were surveyed by the venetian companies Selle Royal and Royal medica, wich developed their research on the basis of bio-mechanical test and analyses conducted with rehabilitation and bio-engineering institutes.